Getting Things Handled

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step”


Well, it’s been two months since I last sat down and put my thoughts on paper. So much has happened, I feel like the time is flying by. I am overwhelmed with everything that has to be done, but I also have optimism, as slowly I am able to mark off different agendas that put me one step closer to August and the big leap. When I made this decision, I perceived the responsibilities which require me to stay home, but also knew that they will always be here. While they may not always be the same, some similar branch of each excuse will always exist. What I didn’t completely comprehend was what all needed to be done, right now however, I am right in the middle of them.


Exploring Tulum

I currently rent a single bedroom house and share it with my two fur babies, Boss and Delfina. This sentence has basically taken over my life in this last month. Ironically, the week I made the plan to put my American life on pause and do some continental hopping, I received a call from my landlord. She called to inform me that the house I live in had been sold and June 5th would be my last day. Well, that was a little stressful, considering my plan was to leave in August, what do I do for those months in between? I had arranged temporary homes for my animals in August, but now, well, I have to find something for June?


I calmed the panic and got to work, I have since found a room to rent for those  2 months. The nice thing is that this will be significantly cheaper than rent (and the bills that go along) that I was paying at my house, so more money to stow away! Delfina’s godfather, the person who will be taking her while I am on my excursion has also agreed to take her in June, instead of the agreed upon August. Then what about that dog of mine, well, I am pretty excited to say that he will be coming with me to the house I am staying at. First big hurdle taken care of, and even better, it will be more financially beneficial.


Delfina giving me her best face


In my first blog I briefly addressed my family life and being the baby of 7 and how I was extremely nervous about my parents’ reaction to my choice to be a wanderer for a few months. I have made my decision, however of course it would be much easier if my parents are as excited as I am. Unfortunately, ecstatic wasn’t exactly their reaction. They were happy for the opportunity, but nervous about all the possible dangers. While some parents in this world suggest travel, mine are not that sort. They have found their little bit of paradise and don’t see a reason or need to travel out of their perfect, little corner of the United States.  I guess with this, time will only tell, maybe as they get more used to the idea they will warm up, maybe not, but we continue on.


Taking Boss for a hike

The final significant hurdle that I want to talk about today is my job. I currently have two. My main job being a receptionist for a small manufacturing company, your typical Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM “cookie cutter” job, but I absolutely love it. My second job, which is basically there to fund this trip, along with any other endeavor I go on, is a server at a restaurant. I normally only work 2 or 3 shifts a week, so I am not overloading myself, it allows me to have that extra money to put away, but this does makes my life very much scheduled. My plan originally was to quit both jobs and jump a plane and head out with no strings, except my two animals of course. When I told the owner at the manufacturing company that we needed to have a meeting, I think he knew the path this “meeting” was going to take, so he avoided it… for a month! Finally I cornered him and we had the long put off discussion. He listened to what I had to say, with a few questions/input here and there and finally, when I was done, he told me that he would reserve my position for two months. They can’t wait forever, but if I shortened my trip, I could come back to a job. Crickets, the restaurant, has also told me that they want me to come back when I return from my travels. So here is the dilemma, I am beyond flattered that they both like and appreciate me enough to want me to return, but my original plan was no less than three months. My internal battle becomes; is this a blessing, or a compromise?



Boss’ 3rd Birthay

So, this is where I currently stand, in one week I will technically be homeless. All of my precious possessions in storage, no longer sleeping with Delfina… homeless. Which was the plan, but it’s a little bit early! It is amazing to me, that when I made this decision, I mean really put it in stone and took the first step, fate has also stepped in and shoved me forward almost as if to say, “This is what you want to do? Good, no backing out now!” It’s curious to me, the hand I have been dealt these past weeks makes it almost easier to travel than stay here. It is a crazy thought, but for me, right now, it is my reality and I am starting to get really excited! 🙂


2 comments on “Getting Things Handled

  1. Paula says:

    So scary and so exciting all at the same time!!!! Good luck lori, I know you’ll have an amazing adventure!


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