T Minus 5 Days Until Lift Off!

“Don’t be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better


We both prefer the Seahawks.

– Unknown

Well, I have been a vagabond for 2 months now,  4 days until my last day of work, and I leave in 5. I am a big ball of emotions. I am stressed, excited, and tired. In 5 days, I will have put the last of my belongings in storage, given my Idaho friends my last loves, and began my trek.  I have a pretty significant road trip to take my last fur baby to his temporary home and then from there… my first international stop will be the land of kangaroos, great white sharks, and camping, where Marlin finally found Nemo, the land down under… Australia. 🙂

Originally, I was going to talk about the stresses I have


Awkward 4 year old faces

dealt with in the last two months, jumping from house to house, my entire life organized into two suitcases, a shower caddy, and one rather large makeup bag. But as I started putting it into words, I realized that every stressful situation also had a blessing counterpart. So instead of whining, I am going to tell you what has been great about my last two months.


Clearly, no love here

It has been one long sleepover with friends. I have stayed at 3 different houses, each place the stay has been between 2 weeks and a month. These women have gone from coworkers and casual friends to deep rooted friendships. There have been talks until 4 AM, late night dinners, early morning coffees, some pretty serious Game of Thrones 20160715_163735theories, and of course Netflix marathons-you can’t truly know someone until 7 straight hours of Drop Dead Diva.  We have enjoyed happy fun conversations and some not so happy talks of how life may have not been so fair. These people have opened up their homes, but more importantly their lives and hearts. It has been sad when the stay comes to an end, but I am so appreciative of these memories and friendships I walk away with.

Boss and Rommy

Boss’ current best friend

My preparation time is drawing to a close. As I come to the end, it is a little convenient that I had to pack everything into storage early, now I have time to address the little details that will make this complete inversion of my life a little easier. People keep asking me if I am scared; yes, I am stressed about getting everything together, but not scared about going to a foreign country. That could definitely hit once I get on that plane, and all those previous issues have been handled, but as for now, I feel like a 6 year old child, waiting on Christmas, except I have chores I am required to complete in order to even participate… the responsibilities seem like they will never end and time, is just not moving. But again, the positive counterpart is: while doing these ‘chores’ I have more coffee dates, Netflix marathons, and late night puppy snuggles to cancel out the long work days and my suitcase ‘dresser.’ They are all good problems to have when you consider what I am getting in return! 🙂 Australia, I hope you are ready!

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