Phase 1: Complete

“He who is outside his door already has the hardest part of his journey behind him.”            -Dutch Proverb

I am not exactly outside “the door,” but I am outside MY door, the moving process is finally completed. I have officially fit my entire life into a 5×10 storage unit-with some pretty strategic stacking- and am sitting here in my new bedroom, my window open, listening to a thunder storm have it’s way on the outside world.  It was surreal, walking out, locking that door one last time, and driving away. Call me crazy, but I have grown attached to my home of the last two years, so much has happened while living there, walking away one last time, kind of felt like leaving a part of my life. Bittersweet emotions surfaced as I closed this door, to walk through another.

My next stop things became more bitter than sweet; I delivered Delfina, my fur baby of eight years, to her home for the next few months. Of course I will be visiting her regularly until I leave, unfortunately she will no longer be snuggled up with me while I sleep, yowling at me because her food bowl has been empty for an excruciating thirty seconds, or battling with Boss for my complete attention. All pet owners know the bond you establish with your animal family and well, I am missing her.

On a much happier note, Boss has landed himself into puppy paradise. He has a new doggy roommate and the human roommates aren’t too shabby either. Between the three of us he is getting more attention than he ever dreamed possible. The last two days he has walked around with a big puppy smile, tongue hanging out, and tail wagging. Did I mention that every time I turn around he is getting a treat-apparently feeding a dog twizzlers has a similar effect to peanut butter. All I can say is … SPOILED.

So for now, life slows down. I will be focusing on the details of August. Work and plan, these are the words of the season. I do have a little request from you. I have been researching for a couple months now, but I would love other perspectives. I need suggestions, places to go, things to do, if you went to Asia/Australia (yes, this has been added to the docket, we will cover that soon) where would you go? What food would you have to try. Would you be going to temples, lounging on the beach, or fill up your time learning yoga. I would love if you would weigh in, this is my trip, but the whole point of doing this is because I want to make you as much apart of it as possible. Give me some suggestions people! 🙂