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There are an estimated 150-200 Million orphans in the world. Every 15 seconds a child loses a parent to an AIDS related condition. I would assume if one parent has it, normally the other will as well, causing this number to climb at a heartbreaking pace. The 2011 earthquake in Haiti left 300,000 children without their parents. The current Syrian war already has 8,000 orphaned children leave Syria. These are just a few of the hardest numbers I have seen as I have researched this. We have a terrible problem, there are so many babies out there struggling to survive at an age they shouldn’t even know what the word “survival” means. Do I have your attention? If you have started to read this, I ask that you read all of it. Don’t skim to the end, listen to what I am telling you, let the numbers sink in, and definitely turn on that empathy.

The last 3 months I have really struggled with this blog. What is my purpose for it? How will I make a positive impact the documentation of my travels? The most computer illiterate person can google any place in the world and there will be a blog describing that destination. I love keeping everybody informed with what I am doing where, but I have an internal conflict because it all feels… well… shallow? Last night driving to a missionary meeting it just clicked. I am so excited to transform this into not just a travel site, but a site that can be a benefit. My travels now have a purpose. Before I go into that however, let me jump back to this crisis that is getting worse. I can’t help but think how many “15 seconds” have gone by just while I am typing this.


The most recent statistic I could find stated that there are 1.8 million orphans there. Stop and let that sink in, 1.8 MILLION children! It breaks my heart! In 2015, Filipino population was 100.7 million, of that number 26 million remain poor and 12 million are living in extreme poverty unable to feed themselves. So nearly 1 in 3 is struggling to eat.


Indonesia is ranked #6 in the world for orphan population, with 4.8 million. In the last 4 years, over 140,000 Indonesians have lost their house due to national disasters. 28,364 homeless gives Jakarta the 6th highest homeless population in the world.

I name these two countries because in exactly a month, I will be boarding a plane and my destination will be these two countries. While these numbers knock the breath out of me, I also see a huge opportunity for this little blonde girl to make a positive footprint on these beautiful countries. What is that?? I am now ready to explain the new purpose of this little website I have created. I have a love for travel and a tender heart for the less fortunate and I can finally combine these for the best trip yet! I have been in contact with a couple orphanages in both countries and am looking for a school and a shelter. I have set up a gofundme account for donations and all the money donated I will use to purchase the supplies that each place requests. I want to be VERY clear; I am paying for my trip. Every single penny of these donations will go toward the different organizations that I pick; none of it goes to myself. Now it gets a little more exciting. These orphanages, shelters, schools, and every munchkin they support are what I will write about! Once I have selected where the donations go, I will write a little profile of each of the places I pick. Then, when I actually drop off the materials I will spend a day there and be able to tell you about the facility, something about different people there, and hopefully a way for you to donate/keep in touch in the future. Guys I am so excited, I will be donating as much as I can personally, but I want anybody that is interested in helping be able to. Even better, you then see the exact orphan your money bought shoes for, or the orphanage that was able to buy that fire extinguisher they haven’t been able to afford for 3 months. Pretty cool right?

So this is my big exciting news. I hope I haven’t rambled too much and forgive my grammar; I am in a rush to post this and am also so full of excitement it makes logical sentences difficult! I leave in a month and throwing this in has added a lot of work. It’s going to be a quick goodbye now, I got things to do! Love you all! 

P.S. Look below for the link to the gofundme 🙂 

2 comments on “My Exciting News

  1. Heather says:

    Reblogged this on Where Grace Abounds and commented:
    I’m usually a little hesitant to donate to/promote fundraising efforts I know nothing about. It seems that far too many of them turn out to be not what they claim 😦

    However, I’m sharing the opportunity to support this young lady because:
    1. I know her personally.
    2. She is a Christian and I believe that her heart truly desires to serve those she interacts with.
    3. She loves to travel and will be able to reach out to people I cannot.
    4. She will pay her own expenses and intends every donated penny to be used to help the intended recipients

    This is certainly something to consider carefully before choosing to donate, but I wanted to pass on the information to those who might be interested.

    TIA to those who take the time to read her post.

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